Q: Why should I hire a carpet cleaning service instead of renting a machine and doing it myself?

A: For many reasons, a professional carpet cleaning company is a good investment. Our low moisture bonnet cleaning system offers a soap free, water soluble, all natural cleaner, which safely and effectively cleans your carpets without the long dry times of other companies. Our product is 100% natural and is safe for everyone, even those with the most severe allergies.
Our employees have attended advanced training classes and are educated in the latest ways to provide the best services in carpet cleaning and restoration. Our company and cleaning methods have Green Seal certification and certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Q: How do I choose the right Carpet Cleaner?
A: A professional carpet cleaning company should be able to readily tell you what material your carpets are made of, what solutions they use and what the benefits are. Different methods and solutions should be used for different concerns. Similarly, it is important to obtain recommendations rather than call the first name you see in the phone book but if you do not have such recommendations, always ask for references. This can save you a lot of pain and headache in the long run.

Q: How much does a professional carpet cleaning cost?

A: It depends on who you call and what services you require. An accurate measurement square foot pricing is an honest fee. The national average for professional carpet cleaning is 30-cents per square foot. We are an honest company and our honesty is reflected in our pricing. Click Here to view our pricing schedule.

Q: How long will it take for my carpet to dry?
A: Your carpets will be dry to the touch in one hour. But we ask that you leave any “plastic tabs” or “blocks” under your furniture for 48 hours.

Q: Will you move my furniture?

A: Yes. But we can’t move china cabinets, pianos, sectional sofas, computer equipment, entertainment centers, antique furniture, fragile furniture, and other heavy pieces of furniture. We will clean under anything we can reach and right up to anything we can’t move.

Q: What equipment do you use to clean?
A: Our system uses a Natural Clean Dri process and the best equipment anyone can use to clean carpets. All of our equipment is portable, giving us the ability to service top floor condos, 3 level homes, and other hard to reach areas that truck mounts cannot. It also means that there are not large hoses being drug through the customers homes.

Q: I have always heard, “If I clean my carpet, it will get dirty faster.” Is that true?

A: Not if you call Natures Clean-Dri. Carpet cleaning is a Science. A professionally cleaned carpet should be thoroughly rinsed (without over wetting) and pH balanced. An unbalanced pH will cause rapid re-soiling. Our natural cleaning method and professional service will not leave any sticky residues that causes rapid re-soiling. We will leave your carpets pH balanced.

Q: Do you offer “green” cleaning products?
A: Yes we do. Our entire cleaning system is based on "Green Seal" certified products. Click here for more info.
Click Here to understand what Green Seal Certification means.

Q: I just had new carpet installed. When should I have it cleaned?

A: Check your warranty. Some manufacturers require proof of having your carpets professionally cleaned in the first 12-18 months (and every 12-18 months thereafter) to keep your warranty intact.

Q: Do you provide free estimates?
A: Yep, just give us a call. Our phone numbers are listed below.