Carpet Cleaning Prices:

Thank you for considering Natures Clean Dri for your carpet and upholstery needs. We are a licensed and insured company with several IIRC certifications. We have happily been serving the area for over 11 years and are now looking to expand our customer base. The following is a current price list. Should you have any questions or concerns, please call and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

carpet cleaning prices
24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction and Restoration
Priced per Incident

Customer Reviews on Angie's List:
  • Linda F. - Navarre, Fl. - Overall Grade: A
    I use their services every six months for carpet cleaning. They are very reasonable. The carpets are dry within one hour which is wonderful. They clean carpets and upholstery. They are a husband and wife team with one other employee. They are all so wonderful.
  • JoAnn H. - Gulf Breeze, Fl. - Overall Grade: A
    Living room and bedroom carpets cleaned. Dry within 30 minutes of service. Beautiful job Prompt, efficient. Needed to have area cleared of furniture prior to service.
  • John M. - Fort Walton Beach, Fl. - Overall Grade: A
    Very professional. You might think he was cleaning his own house. Arrived exactly on time, did exactly what was promised and charged exactly the quoted amount.
  • Maria S. - Pensacola, Fl. - Overall Grade: A
    ...we had some really bad stains in some areas and the technician worked a little extra on those areas. My house and office feel like they have brand new carpet and tile and I will definetely be using this company again in the near future not to mention referring them out to family and friends. I have been a member with Angie's list for a little under a year and yes after the referral from my realtor friend did go look them up to find good reviews so that sealed the deal.
  • David A. - Gulf Breeze, Fl. - Overall Grade: A
    I've used this company a total of four times before and they have done a great job each time I've needed them. I had them come out late at night once when my fish tank pump had messed up and started pumping water onto my bedroom carpet. They pulled the carpet up and cleaned the pad as well as the carpet and then left their own equipment overnight to ensure my carpet was completely clean and dry when they came back the next morning. They even replaced the carpet they had pulled up once they were finished (they usually don't pull up the carpet, but this was a HUGE mess). They even helped me move furniture off the floor and then back when done.
  • Linda F. - Navarre, Fl. - Overall Grade: A
    When they leave, my carpets are not even wet. They are wonderful. I have a cleaning business and I use them. They are friendly. They are there on time. They do their job and they are gone. They are very professional. I don't have any dislikes for them.